Personal Lines of Insurance


If you own and drive a car, state law requires you insure it. But what kind of coverage do you need and which company will have competitive rates? We will help you answer those questions, as we have many options for any driver or driving record. More than one vehicle? Our companies offer discounts for insuring multiple vehicles to lower costs. If you have questions, Coastal Insurance Group will have the answers.

Homeowners Insurance

For most people, their home is their largest investment. Many homeowners have policies they don’t entirely understand. Do you know what is covered and for how much? Do you know your agent who is responsible for protecting you? Our agency will not only teach you about your policy, we will always be available for questions and guarantee a quick response. We have the companies which can offer proper coverage anywhere.

Life Insurance

A life insurance payout could possibly be the one positive in the event of a death. This policy will ensure your family is financially prepared for the sizable costs a death can impose on them. Know your options! Life insurance plans vary slightly, but there are a few different options out there. Whether you’re interested in a term or permanent policy, we can assist you in making the right decision for you and your family.

Liability Umbrellas

You don’t have to be a millionaire to cause a million dollars of damage. Umbrella policies offer a million dollars or more of additional liability insurance. Plus, an umbrella will cover not only your personal home and automobiles; they can cover boats, motorcycles, vacant land, rental houses and many others. Catastrophic accidents happen to folks all the time. Having a liability umbrella is vital to protect you from lawsuits and is amazingly inexpensive.

Rental Homes

If you own a home rented to others, not only do you need liability coverage, you also want to make sure you have the proper coverage for the house. We can insure rental houses with both annual and seasonal tenants. Whether you own the home in your own name or in an LLC, it’s not a problem. We can help!

Renters Insurance

If you rent a home or apartment, you will be surprised at the affordability of renters insurance to cover your contents. Renters insurance also offers liability coverage in case landlord property is damaged or a guest is injured.


Own a condominium? We can help. Inland or on the beach? We have competitive policies for both. Most condominium associations will cover the building, but you are typically responsible for covering everything inside the walls. Do you rent your condo to others? We have policies for that, too. Check with us for a full explanation.

Flood Insurance

If you live on or near the water, you more than likely know about flood insurance. However, did you know that 85% of all flood claims occur in non-special flood hazard zones? You’ll be surprised how affordable flood insurance is for non-hazardous areas. Floods can happen just about anywhere. Any flood claim adjuster will tell you that if their claimants had it to do over again, they would either buy flood insurance or buy more flood insurance coverage.

Windstorm & Hail Policies

Very often, the best premium can be obtained by insuring wind and hail with one company and wind-excluded coverage with another company. In coastal areas, hurricane coverage can amount to 80% of the total premium. Discounts are offered for insuring your home and auto together, but not all homeowners companies offer wind coverage. Wind-only policies have had rate reductions in recent years. Check with us to see what is best for you.

Boat Owners Insurance

Your boat or personal watercraft is another vehicle; therefore you need to make sure it and anyone on it is properly protected. A boat owners insurance policy combines property, liability, and medical payments into one policy, just as an auto insurance policy would cover your car. A homeowners insurance policy does not cover property damage to watercrafts. A boat owners insurance policy will fill that void and allow you to enjoy the water without worry.

Builders Risk & Renovation

A Builders Risk Insurance policy’s purpose is to protect property in the course of construction or renovation. Coverage from this type of policy includes all risks and not only applies to the building, but can also cover property in transit and property off-site in a storage facility. This type of policy is especially important for contractors, construction companies, or anyone with a vacant house under renovation.

Which insurance is right for you?

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